shit in my bag*

I have a dirty secret. Well, one of many, at least. I'm a giveaway whore.

Susie Bubble's doing a purse giveaway; since I was taking a picture of what's in my bag anyway, I figured I'd post it.

From left: Mark Gloss Gorgeous in Bare (lip gloss with a stain in it . . . brilliant); Cover Girl lipstain; essie crystal nail file; eos in lemon drop <3; housekeys; Blink eyedrops for contacts; asthma inhaler; card case with the essential cards (handier than a wallet); checkbook; pen; tiny rubber black bear belonging to my four-year-old; purse from OoO! that was the result of my intense handbag search. Not pictured: coupons, receipts, snapshots of baby J, Target brand Excedrin and Sudafed, non-essential cards (library, coupon, etc.)

The purse just barely holds everything I need on a daily basis. I'm still sometimes amazed that I can fit all of that in there.

*it's a movie reference, I swear. Guess it and I'll be proud of you.


  1. well the phrase "shit in my bag" is in Breakfast Club. Is that it? (And is it really a secret that you're a giveaway whore?)

  2. Yes and yes. At least, I like to pretend so.

  3. Breakfast Club.

  4. How on *EARTH* can you fit everything into a tiny purse like that?! Much like Ally Sheedy in the Breakfast Club, I need a huge bag to carry all my shit with me. I usually carry a lot of other things that are more rarely used, but are fantastic when you've got them. I started carrying cocoa butter in a pill bottle just because my best friends never remember their hulking containers when we go out. Preemptive whining prevention!

    You know you're a sharp woman when you can cut down your purse real estate into something so efficient!

  5. I have pared down to the absolute essentials, Sass . . . and it was a strategic purchase to find a bag that fit everything I needed and nothing else. With a bigger bag I end up just throwing things in that I don't need. I did actually buy a bag that was too small at first, and had to return it in favor of this one.

  6. Recognized the eos! I actually managed to find it in my tinyass Manhattan CVS after you mentioned it and am loving it!

  7. Awesome. I'm always glad when my recommendations are tested and found to be accurate . . .



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