creation consumes

I haven't written anything for so long, now.

That's not true. I have written lots of things. 18,422 words in the last two weeks of the semester alone, in fact. But that's not what I meant - I meant that I had not written here, or anywhere, for myself, for a long time.

Little bits of things keep bubbling up. Tiny scraps of not very good poetry, mostly. But even that is remarkable; I used to get words in my head all the time, but it hasn't happened for years. A decade, really. Which is sobering.

The problem is that when one has intensely given oneself over to a particular creative endeavor, there isn't much room left for anything else. It consumes.

But I have no creative endeavor imminent, and no school or job to suck all of that energy away (which is where most of it has been the last ten years, let's be honest). And so I find myself drawn back to this blog, and to my scraps of poetry, and to the 83,000 word first draft novel that's been gathering dust in my hard drives for five years. (Had a heck of a time finding it. I had named the files, unhelpfully, 2010 and Book 2.)

So I guess I'm reviving the blog, and maybe even finally editing the book. We'll see. But I'm almost excited about it, regardless.