on missing Tucson

a list of things I wish I could have shipped to me from the Old Pueblo
  • sunsets
  • weather warmer than 35 degrees in the morning
  • tortillas from the Anita Street Market
  • a drink from the St Charles Tavern and a whole bunch of Pillsbury Wine
  • Brooklyn Pizza . . . but the garlic knots even more
  • half the contents of Trader Joe's, but specifically the flower section, the frozen ready-to-bake croissants, and the pumpkin body butter 
  • the Buffalo Exchange outlet (technically that's Nogales, but . . . )
  • my chiropractor, my mechanic, my hairdresser
  • the entire production (including hippie hill) of Love's Labors Lost
  • the All Soul's Procession
  • all my blues dancers
  • all the friends' babies I haven't gotten to kiss
  • all my dinner friends (you know . . . friends you invite to dinner). 

We love it here, but there are some things I miss an awful lot.