conflict resolution

I found this gem in the middle of an article about ethical diamond mining:
After dinner, Parker and Keith head down to our hotel’s casino. A couple of local thugs sidle up. There are threats, and things start to turn nasty. Suddenly Keith pulls out a small cardboard figure. It’s Flat Stanley, a children’s book character turned global school project, the idea being to photograph him in interesting places and report on his travels in class. Keith has been chronicling Flat Stanley’s Diamond Adventure throughout the journey for his son. He now thrusts Flat Stanley into his antagonist’s hands and barks, “Hold this! It’s for my son’s school, dude!” Unsure what to make of this gambit, that’s exactly what he does. And then he smiles. Keith takes his picture.

If only all conflicts could be resolved this easily . . . or maybe they can, and we just have to be alert to the possibility.

(article courtesy of seven things)

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