computer set up

This is, of course, after we'd just cleaned up the house and all of the nail polish, old water cups, scraps of paper, etc., had been removed.

Daffodils are about a buck fifty for ten stems at Trader Joe's right now. I took this right after I'd put them in water (they ship them dry), but they all were completely open about 4 hours later. They're my favorite flower, I think. Along with irises. (Take note.)

The cup is also my current favorite. It's a piece of Polish pottery, which can be kind of expensive unless you stalk Marshall's and TJ Maxx for the pretty pieces like I do. They're made with lead-free glaze (not a guarantee you can get for anything coming out of China), and can be put in the freezer, oven, microwave, and dishwasher. I tend to like the ones that are mostly blue. You can mix and match the patterns easily, which I appreciate. Wouldn't want everything being too matchy-matchy.

I've taken to using the laptop out here for several reasons, the two biggest being that my computer is slow because the hard drive is nearly full, and my desk chair is incredibly uncomfortable. If anyone has one to give away that can be raised to two feet off the ground and is relatively comfy, let me know . . .


  1. Your house is a lot better kept than mine, that's for sure. Much more clean, assembled, and linear looking. Envy.

    Do you folks not get daffodils sprouting around this time of the year? Maybe the climate is too warm...

  2. Not where we are, no. I think you need a hard freeze for the bulbs to grow, and we tend to not have those (although technically this year was a different story).

    They used to bloom in Flagstaff, where I went to college, though. It's at 7000 feet so the climate is quite different.


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