slightly facetious

I've been pioneering a new style, recently. It's the I'm-wearing-slightly-wrinkled-cotton-but-I-look-chic-instead-of-sloppy trend. Or it will be a trend, because I'm making it one.

There's a trick to getting away with iffy sartorial choices, and it very simply involves walking around with confidence. Add that to a basic understanding of color and proportion, and I think it's pretty hard to go wrong.

The wrinkles are mostly, at the moment, coming from the fact that I left my clean laundry in the clothesbasket for over a week. But since I wore the shirts with fancier pieces (suit shorts; a tulle skirt), and got compliments, I think this pioneering has been a success.

My students, of course, at least the ones who iron everything they wear (including their denim) and look exactly the same everyday (medium-wash distressed jeans, colored Aeropostale tshirt layered over a white tee, eerily white sneakers), probably think less of me. But I'm not dressing to please them, obviously.

You should start working the wrinkled cotton, too. Let me know how it goes.

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  1. Hi Tasha! I think wrinkled cotton can be nice;) Thanks for popping up now and then to comment on my blog. I really appreciate that. I like the post "totally true confessions Tuesday" - I might do a similar post and link back to you. Hope that's okay!
    - Jing


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