mad libs

We eat out fairly often. This means that we get the activity sheets for J. Both being writerly nerds, we tend to love the word games. (Colin is particularly good at word searches.)

This was the madlibs activity from Chili's last night.

One dulcet day, the Pals are squatting along, on their way to Zimbabwe. Suddenly, they're hit by a wave of turnstiles and they begin to feel fuzzy. Minutes later, they realize the wave has made them dry! Each one has a special, new fingernail! Hal has a force field of drones. Sunny can stretch her lobes nine feet! Chip raises his freckles and shoots out a beam of squishy hats. The roughest power of all is Pepper's! He can twitch high into the air and blast clammy monkeys from his fists! With their cool new powers, the Pals are ready to take on evildoers everywhere!

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