happiness hit her like a bullet in the back

My friend Leeann gave me Florence + the Machine's CD Lungs a little over a week ago, just when I'd started hearing "Dog Days Are Over" on the radio all the time and couldn't get it out of my head.

I literally listened to the album for a week straight. This is a testament to how good the music is; normally, even if I like an artist, I can't sit through an entire album of just them. For me to then repeatedly listen to hers for days on end is impressive. (I should mention that I did have to put it on random for that to happen.)

The nice thing about Florence is that even though she sticks to one style of singing, each song feels different and distinct from the others. Besides that, she has a hell of a voice, and she writes her own songs (a must if I'm going to listen to you for any significant amount of time). She even lists Tom Waits as inspiration.

And right when I'd nearly reached saturation point, I came across this picture on Vanessa Jackman's ethereal street-style photography blog:

Sigh. Girl crush.

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  1. super girl crush like.

    glad you're finally on the boat/train/form of transportation you enjoy most for metaphors.


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