a week in pictures

My friend Kate pledged, as a present to her parents, to send them a picture a day for a year. When she started posting them on facebook, I decided I wanted in, so she and I, and my sister and I, have been exchanging photos for the last few months.

These are my photos from this past week.

The long-saved bottle of champagne, opened in honor of Ghosts of a Tired Universe finally going live.

Sometimes--there's Spring--so quickly!

Two of my girl friends dancing tango together.

The black graffiti on the bottom reads "Fuck Jan Brewer." I laughed.

The view from my table at La Cocina, where I listened to live blues while grading papers.

Grandma's Easter gift to J, which she has been loyally carting around all week.

The bedroom seems so peaceful when it's clean.

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  1. This is a great idea! I tried doing something similar where I sent a picture of Lachlan to his grandmas every day, but I think that only lasted about a week...

    I've also been meaning to tell you that I started reading the book through the link you posted on my blog a while back. I read it on my iphone while feeding Lachlan. I got sidetracked a while back and forgot about it, so this is a good reminder to go back to it. I hope it's still available at that link! :)


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