the tango shoe post pt. 2

So the first tango shoe post had me scouring the internet for pictures I could use, and (of course) in the process I came across a few pairs I wanted.

I caved today and put a deposit down on these.

They're a special production: larger in the toe box and regular in the heel (which is exactly what I need with my freakish feet, and is pretty hard to come by). They're also a regular leather, which should last me quite awhile, and nude shoes are always sexy (even though the background for this shot isn't as flattering as it could be.) And I needed something slightly more practical than what I currently own.

I had hemmed and hawed awhile about these, but after today I decided I needed some motivation to finish the school year. I'll pay the rest of the cost the day I finish my grades for the semester, so that I have something to look forward to. They'll be winging their way to me quite soon after that.

Compared to the recent birthday splurge of a friend (a convertible Audi to replace her recently-sold SUV), two hundred dollar dance shoes seem like a perfectly reasonable reward.

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