culinary adventures

Breakfast is by far my favorite meal to make. I'm slowly expanding my repertoire.

The top knife wasn't sharp enough. Resorted to one of our fancy steak knives, which worked quite well. Loved the light, though.

The beginnings of a vaguely eggs Proven├žale-type dish.

Finished product: poached eggs, tomatoes, hash browns, thick-cut applewood bacon, bloody mary.

My favorite way to make eggs of late: fried in a piece of toast. Accompanied by oatmeal, vanilla yogurt with mixed berries, an Irish coffee, and a tangerine I didn't end up eating.

To cook the egg this way:
Find good bread. (This is essential.) In the above, I used a multi-grain. Lightly butter--real butter, not margarine!--both sides of the bread. With your fingers, tear a hole in the middle of the bread about two inches across. Throw both pieces in a pan at a little less than medium heat. Put a very small pat of butter in the hole (to keep the egg from sticking). Crack the egg in the hole, and cook until 2/3 of the white is white. Flip. The bread will be evenly toasted at about the time the yolk is still just a little runny.

For some reason, that extra little circle of bread is incredibly tasty--much better than bread toasted and buttered afterward.

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  1. Breakfast at your house looks way better than ours. I also love the light you have.


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