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There was a 5.8 magnitude earthquake in Virginia today. I was alerted because my sister texted me about a half hour later with "And we just had an earthquake." (She was unharmed and more concerned about her recent Russian class placement.)

Some people, apparently, were alerted even more quickly than that:
One Twitter user, @allisonkilkenny, a blogger and contributing reporter for The Nation, wrote: "Weirdest moment: Seeing the people I'm following in DC tweet 'earthquake' seconds before I felt it here in NYC."
(from USAToday)

Apparently, Twitter moves faster than earthquakes.

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  1. That earthquake was cool and kind of humbling. I thought I was going insane when I felt a slow rocking of the ground. We work in the basement, so it was even more bizarre to encounter.

    Glad it didn't do any real damage. Not so glad that Twitter moves faster than an earthquake.


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