a week (plus one or two) in pictures, pt. 3

Ben Folds concert, which was freaking awesome. I was standing approximately 8 feet from the stage.

These are the mountains as they appear from our east-facing bedroom window. They glow bright orange and pink when the sun goes down. The color was even brighter than it is in the picture.

I am cultivating the art of peeling an orange in one long, curly strip.

Monsoon. Facing west in front of J's sitter's house.

The get well card Joley made me when I got a weird flu and didn't move for 2 days. She's on the right, and that's Colin on the left, complete with body hair and muscles. I was instructed to take notice of the happy sun.

Umbrella lady sighting.

The cat, the katana, and the typewriter.

Another monsoon. Looking west from the Trader Joe's lot.

Joley, in good spirits, just before being put under general anesthesia in order to remove a bead she'd shoved up her nose 3 days prior. Total cost of bead removal: approx. $650. Hooray for private healthcare.

Stephy and baby Samantha, about ten hours old at this point. <3

Apparently we've succeeded in our goal to make J multicultural.

More monsoon. Facing north from our balcony. It was sprinkling on us at this point, though you can't tell in the picture.

Grey-purple shirt from the Gap, nails in Smoke Screen from Ulta (OPI silver crackle accent), black raspberry ice cream with chocolate chunks. I'm not in love with this color, or anything.


  1. I really enjoyed your photos! I can never take sky/sunset photos-- but then again I have no training and only a little Elph camera.

  2. Thanks! I'm using my cellphone, so your Elph would probably be better . . . part of the trick is just accepting that it'll never look as awesome in the camera as it does in real life. The other trick is to make sure your horizon is level.



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