a day in potential facebook updates

How to spoil a Tasha: Bailey's AND amaretto in her coffee.

Little kids made the best dancers. They're so unselfconscious. J came in when I was playing a slow song and crept fantastically across the floor, doing weird things with her arms, and it was wonderful. She dances when almost any music comes on, even if it's just a theme song on the TV.

Colin, on needing more space while washing his hair: My elbows need to be free to fly. (pause) I once took out an entire murder of crows that way. (pause) There was only one that lived. He said he'd be my spirit animal. (pause) I turned him down, though. He was asking for too much in royalties. (pause) I wonder if the other crows would have called him a war profiteer.

I bought red lipstick yesterday - a brighter color than I've ever used. It makes me happy.

Still remarkably unconcerned about school starting tomorrow.

My fortune cookie: "Your mind is quick and sharp today. Do something dramatic." I suppose a surprise milonga in red lipstick is dramatic enough.

Colin's fortune cookies: "More art in your life at this time will help you feel better" and "The star of riches is shining on you this month." One of those requires the other; and combined, they would be the attainment of a dream. In the interest of that, go buy his book.

Just bought a new booster seat so that Colin can start taking Joley to school. She fits the weight requirement, but she looks so tiny and frail in what is essentially just the regular seat belt.

I haven't been able to find my glasses all day.

I feel like a tattoo of something's logo automatically qualifies you for the title of corporate whore. You've turned yourself into free, permanent advertising. And yes, I think less of you.

In the interest of being well-rested tomorrow, I am hoping that I continue to be teacher-nightmare-free this evening.

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