a short visual lesson on statistics

Blow it up. Stare at it a bit.

Each one of those tiny points of light is a galaxy.

Not stars. Galaxies.

Inside each of those galaxies are billions of stars.


And this picture is just one tiny part of the tiny part of the universe we can observe. (Incidentally, it was taken by the Hershel Space Observatory.)

People say the chances of us evolving, of earth supporting life, etc, etc, are astronomical. So astronomical that they're impossible.

Take a look at that tiny swatch of universe again. You're staring at astronomical. And you still believe, with all those galaxies, with billions of stars in each, with the possibility of multiple planets around each star, that not one of them could, by sheer chance alone, evolve life forms such as ourselves?

You don't understand statistics, my friend.

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