on ease and sexiness

There's a quality about this girl and her choice of outfit that I really quite admire. She doesn't look like she's trying too hard, she's not really showing any skin (at least not in this shot), but it's sexy nonetheless. Her hair is casual, the aviators and men's watch are charming, the length of her neck echoes the way her legs will look when she walks (you can tell the skirt is unbuttoned to mid-thigh). And things you can unbutton are inherently sexy anyway.

It reminds me of something Michael Kors said in a recent interview:
A lot of people think that what men like is a real bombshell. But the truth is they get more excited by the woman who, no matter how dressed up she is, always has a bit of the tomboy in her, whose face is touchable, whose hair they can caress. They don't want an icon, they don't want vulgar. What attracts them is a comfortable kind of sexy.
Now, whether or not that's universally true is probably up for debate. But it's a philosophy I've always kind of adhered to, especially because the kind of man who does prefer a "real bombshell" is not someone I'd want to hang out with anyway.


  1. I'd agree with Kors pertaining to the majority of men. Some men are not satisfied until they get a bronzed, bleached, plasticized Barbie.

    I honestly wish I could say I knew more men like what you and Kors describe.

    She is lovely, though. And she doesn't look like she's a 14 year old model, either. Very NYC. I love it.

  2. She's a fashion editor at the Russian Harper's Bazaar, actually, which is kind of cool. (Clicking the picture takes you to the original post)


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