Christmas time is here (and past)

I meant to post these before the New Year, but I kept getting sidetracked. Mostly because I was getting ready for our New Year's Eve party.

Our mantle is a very nice, unblemished piece of wood. I couldn't find any of those metal stocking hangers that I actually liked, and didn't have room in the budget to get them anyway. I figured this was a decent enough substitute.

I purchased one of these sparkly trees for Amanda. Hers was in a box. The next day I received one from Taylor. I was quite glad, since I thought it was cute.

Joley was incredibly excited about her stocking.

Kid-safe nailpolish!

Gratuitous Christmas tree shots. Readers following along closely will notice that this is a real tree, which is inherently superior to a soulless fake tree.

This was one of the two ornaments I got for myself from Presence, which I put in the pile of gifts and completely forgot about until about a week before Christmas, long after the tree had been decorated.

Present from Leeann. =)

This was an ornament I got from Presence two years ago. Apparently no one else has cobalt blue as their Christmas colors, because they went on clearance and I was able to purchase more of them. Unfortunately, that means they don't order cobalt blue ornaments anymore.

She either gives completely silly faces or angry-looking deadpans. There is no in between.

The traditional Christmas Cougar face.

Hope your holidays were as lovely as mine were, and happy New Year.


  1. Your tree is lovely, as is your home. Very tastefully done, unlike ours (ahaha). You've clearly spent a lot of time considering it all.

    Joley is adorable, as ever.


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