I realized this evening that there are a few women whose style has, in some way or another, informed my own. I thought it might be fun to share.

Lately, Uma in Pulp Fiction keeps swimming to the top of my brain. I've finally found a nailpolish that is relatively similar to Chanel's Vamp (which is what she's famously wearing here), and the white button-down/black slacks combo is something I return to on a regular basis.

Leeann, while she often pulls off outfits and jewelry I can't, has an artistic eye I really appreciate. Plus, she tends to give me gifts of fantastic bags of clothes, which is a whole other kind of inspiration.

Audrey in Breakfast at Tiffany's: the dark sunglasses, the pearls, the upswept french twist, the beautiful back cut-out. When I want elegant, this is what I always think of. I'd love that ridiculously huge hat she wears when she's getting ready for that first trip to Sing Sing, too.

Kendra, whom I had the fantastic luck to spend a summer shopping (among other things) with, has a great eye for vintage dresses, which she almost inevitably pairs with boots. I wear a lot more dresses because of her.

Susie, whose creations are always fascinating, has an outlook that's slowly crept into the way I dress. There's a logic to what she does, even when it's over the top, and a joy about how she puts things together that I love.

Whose style inspires you?

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