new year's decor

I intended on taking pictures of everything prior to the party . . . but I forgot to pick up the Nikon from my parents, so these are afterwards . . . and I have no pictures of the party itself, except what some of the guests decided to take. Ah well . . . next year.

I know this is kind of a crap picture, but I really wished there could be fireworks at midnight. I settled for this quick centerpiece instead.

Wood lights, which were a birthday present (Christmas present?) from my sister. They were in the kitchen for the party, but they're over a window in our bedroom now.

Yay for silver pinecones.

I tied ribbon to the ornaments and then to clear pushpins (Pushkins?) which I put in the ceiling. My thumb hurt for two days afterward, but the effect was worth it, I think.

The twinkle lights in the living room reflected in the window.

We got perhaps five snowflakes that one day they predicted snow, so I had to settle for sparkly ones instead.

The amended and mostly ignored cocktail ideas list.

For some reason we started putting our wine corks in the liquor tray. We'll have too many, soon.

"Meanwhile, I'm putting on more twinkle lights."

I don't have the function on this computer to level this out. The lights framing the star in this shot was a complete accident.

My birthday present from Stephy, which we hung above the chess table upstairs.

Taken the day after the day after: the coffee table centerpiece. They were the leftovers from my ceiling project, but I thought they looked kind of pretty against the wood.

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