liftoff and subsequent justification

In case you had not deduced from the last post, I shaved my head on Monday.

While I like it, I have quickly gotten tired of the constant iterations of "why?" (sometimes with the subtext of "you must be crazy," sometimes just out of curiosity). I have yet to come up with a response that accurately conveys my feelings about the question; it does not cease to amaze me that I'm expected to justify with some especially persuasive reason why I would shave my head; no one would ever bother to ask why I decided to get an inch trimmed off. To me, it is very nearly the same question: it is hair either way.

Lately, I'm tempted to start quoting Merchant of Venice at them; Shylock's speech in Act 4 scene 1 is an accurate and eloquent answer to the question of "why":
. . . I'll not answer that:
But, say, it is my humour: is it answer'd?
What if my house be troubled with a rat
And I be pleased to give ten thousand ducats
To have it baned? What, are you answer'd yet?
Some men there are love not a gaping pig;
Some, that are mad if they behold a cat;
And others, when the bagpipe sings i' the nose,
Cannot contain their urine: for affection,
Mistress of passion, sways it to the mood
Of what it likes or loathes. Now, for your answer:
As there is no firm reason to be render'd,
Why he cannot abide a gaping pig;
Why he, a harmless necessary cat;
Why he, a woollen bagpipe; but of force
Must yield to such inevitable shame
As to offend, himself being offended;
So can I give no reason, nor I will not . . .

Unfortunately, even if I managed to recite the whole thing, I would still get blank stares.


  1. I was truly sorry to see your hair go, as I believe you have been blessed with one of the most beautiful heads of hair I have ever seen. My whole life I have wanted dark brown curls.

    That said, you are rocking it.

  2. Your hair, unlike so many things in life, will return in time.

    If I had the guts to do it, I would justify it by saying "why not?"

    I think it says a lot that a woman can't shave her head without a so many questions, particularly the question of purpose. I say good for you. I wouldn't dare ask why because you don't really need a reason, do you.


  3. I'd love to shave my head. But I get SO SICK of hearing complaints about it when I take a couple of inches off that I would end up murdering someone the first day of shaved headdom.

    So cheers to you.

  4. I'm excited to watch it grow back in. Bret said the other night, "I think of anyone we know, Tasha is the only person who could truly pull off a shaved head like a bad ass."

  5. I've used "why not?" a few times.

    Apparently the rumor going around school was that I did it for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I kind of wish that was the reason, now.

  6. Also, Katie, I think the extremeness of the shaving has curtailed a lot of that. I haven't had one complaint so far, and I usually get a ton when I cut it shorter.


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