joy is:

  • sleeping in until noon after seeing the dawn break through the blinds
  • breakfast of eggs fried in toast and fresh blackberries in a clean kitchen
  • a leisurely shower
  • tangled limbs in fresh sheets
  • spoiling oneself from the proceeds of the first acting gig one has ever gotten paid for
  • hanging framed pictures
  • the mountains turning red from the sunset, watched from an open-air balcony
  • mushrooms and red peppers sauteed in white wine
  • drinking the crispness of the white wine
  • a small child cavorting in his white tshirt, which she is using for a nightgown
  • playing records with a friend through turntable.fm
  • "mommy, can you make me land gracefully on the lake?" by which she means the couch, flapping her hands as she flies
  • and later singing along quite seriously to the music played on turntable.fm
  • papers graded slowly and steadily, with no expectation of anything but industriousness
  • plum dahlias given just because

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