the perfect pajamas

I have a vision of what the perfect pajamas look like. It comes from the summer after I graduated college, when I was in California doing an acting internship with a Shakespeare company. My friend Kendra spent many of our evenings in a pair of pajamas she had appropriated from some man or other she'd dated in Flagstaff the year before.

They were green and just baggy enough; she looked feminine but comfortable in them. She'd wear the top open with a cami underneath. In my head they're a light flannel - warm but not bulky - though in reality they might just have been cotton.

I have been looking for a nice pair of pjs, lately. Our house is cold enough that a shirt and lounge pants doesn't quite cover it, and I'd like something a bit more put together looking than just wearing a robe around constantly (I tend to change out of my dressier work clothes as soon as I'm home for the night). Alas, I can't find anything worth getting; the pattern is gaudy, they're cheaply made, they're incredibly bulky or too thin, or they're cut for someone who's 5'3".

Perhaps the solution is to buy Colin a set of pjs for Valentine's and then steal them.


  1. They were cotton. And they were perfect. The tryst that provided them was fleeting, but my relationship with those pajamas was a long and beautiful thing that spanned well into my New York move. Oh how I miss you, my lovely friend! xox

  2. I have decided that the perfect pajamas do in fact belong to the boyfriend. they're actually long enough and way more comfy than any of mine! I can't find lady pjs that don't shrink into flood pants the first time I wash them.

    I really wish I was down with sleeping in the cute nighties one can buy, but alas, I hate sleeping with my bare thighs touching. boooo


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