john mayer, photo editor

You're going to have to full view the image. This was posted on John Mayer's tumblr; it has since been deleted. Luckily, Google Reader has a good memory, so Mayer's folly can be exposed for all the world to see.

And here's the lesson, boys and girls: just because you're famous doesn't mean you have valid opinions.


  1. Wow. Initial thought: "John Mayer can go screw himself."

  2. Clearly you people have seldom been exposed to sarcasm. Mayer was poking fun at the Instagram fad that is sweeping tumblr and demoting the meaning of true photography - as he is a photographer himself. You'd probably realize this if you could be bothered to open your narrow minds an inch.

  3. I've been following him awhile. I am well versed in sarcasm. If that's what it was, it seems uncharacteristic.

    He uses Instagram constantly himself, you see. Makes it rather hard to believe that he'd be insulting his own tendencies.

  4. But you'll also have to forgive me - I am not likely to take the word or analysis of people who don't bother to claim their own comments. Can't verify the validity of a source without knowing who the source is. =p


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