I can't lose five verses!

The following quotations are from an interview Tom Waits did on NPR at the end of October. A friend caught it and told me about it, and I was able to find the entire thing online. I love Tom Waits so much, even moreso after listening to the interview. He has a permanent spot on my "ideal dinner party" list.

[She asked if he ever saw himself as being a husband and a father.] "No, no I didn't. But I do remember disciplining imaginary children in the back seat of my car."

"They say that life itself is really just the dead on vacation."

"I would take a tape recorder, and I would put it in the trash can - the ones that are on wheels, you know - and I'd turn it on, and then I'd roll around in the yard with it, and then play it back and see if I could hear any interesting rhythms that were just part of nature. I tell you the best snare drum on earth is a trampoline in like, November, when all the branches have landed and they're heavy and they're wet, and when you jump on the trampoline they all lift up and come down at the same time."


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