on food and acting

This is how you know (or I know) that I'm in a show: my eating habits get completely ridiculous.

Here's a run down of the day:
  • ruby red chai with milk and about 6 small peanut butter cups for breakfast, noonish.
  • around 4, when I realized I'd eaten practically nothing and that was perhaps why I was feeling a bit peculiar, a cinnamon raisin bagel with butter
  • a Venti Earl Grey (though they messed up - it should've been a Vanilla Rooiboos)
  • "wine," wine, and a few nips of a rusty nail backstage, plus copious amounts of water
  • Altoids
  • two small slices of cold three meat DiGiorno's when I got home at midnight.
I can't really eat before going onstage; if I do, it makes me feel ill. Tonight included less amounts of sugar than usual; normally, gummi bears or cookies or something incredibly sweet gets consumed before or during the show.

The especially odd thing is that my appetite mostly goes away; whatever it is that gives me a performance high apparently functions like cocaine.

(Incidentally, the show is going quite well, as least as far as I can tell from backstage.)


  1. I enjoyed this entry-- funny how during times of great pressure, obsession, infatuation or agitation all the rules change. I had noticed the posts about sour worms and eegees fries lately on FB and figured that was what was going on. Some kind of weird survival fight-or-flight hormone thing, I suppose. Love the list of foods for the day-- and, btw, I plan on choosing a night over the weekend to come see the show and accidentally meet some of my students for an off-the-books non-field-trip. :)

    Anything I should do to prepare them besides maybe a synopsis of the play?

  2. Hahah. You're so right.

    A synopsis is a good plan, since the conflicts get a little confusing sometimes. Also, tell them it's a comedy - it's okay to laugh. And make sure they bring blankets or lawn chairs.

  3. Cool-- see you there! I'll see how many adolescents I can nudge along.

  4. I have resorted to appetite suppressors before AND after a play, to be ravenous the morning after, or indulgent after a pint with the cast. This suppressant should be healthy- Kombucha, not cigarettes.

  5. ha! Excellent post. I seem to remember a poor diet whenever I was consumed with a show. It was always exciting to restock the kitchen when a production closed and find joy in cooking again!


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