a few weeks in pictures, pt. 4

Tango at a new location, in the middle of the afternoon, which allowed me to get a slightly better picture than normal.

A line-through the night it dumped rain on the city and the director had to go rescue his kids who thought they were stranded at school, but really only didn't listen to the phone message their mother had left them . . . teenagers.

An incredible mural on the ceiling just above our heads for that read-through.

Mural, part two.

Walmart's selection of paperbacks has vastly improved since the last time I checked.

Tango at Casa Vicente.

She's so cute when she does this that I find it hard to shoo her away.

A jackrabbit that made his way into our front courtyard by squishing between the gate and the wall.

A Little Prince pop-up book at Anthropologie.

Our first night of rehearsal at the park, before the flats were put up.

I discovered that the sketch function on my phone keeps J entertained for minutes at a time. This is a mole.

She looks cuter in my sunglasses than I do.

Showing my support for the Guerrilla Tangueros. Didn't think my face was in the shot.

Looking over the hill at rehearsal. From this perspective, people walking up the other side appear to rise out of the ether.

"Mommy, I found a spider in the bathroom! Maybe a tarantula!"

Normally when we're out eating somewhere, we supply J with words and short sentences to write. She did this one on her own. She must like my tattoo.

This is how I started off the week. There were actually two flies - the other escaped when I nearly swallowed it.

It makes me so happy when my students draw on my board (when they're doing cute things, at least). Last year there were a couple of flowers that I kept up for the last three months of school - they were too pretty to erase.

Double rainbow at sunset. This is one of the recent nights where we almost got rained out of rehearsal.

Our monsoons are supposed to continue through mid September, which makes me indescribably happy.


  1. Exceptionally awesome few weeks judging from these pictures. Save for the flies, of course.

  2. Is that your hair?! Or a wig?! Either way, I need to see more! I've wanted big hair my whole life.

  3. It is! I have huge hair. I'd cut it, but I can't until after the show is done . . .


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