a visit to the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

Ah, the long awaited post (so long that I'm sure that anyone who cared has forgotten). When I visited my sister in Virginia, she told me I had to stop and see the Picasso exhibit at the VMFA. Tickets were completely sold out, though, so I just wandered around the Art Nouveau, Art Deco, and Fabergé exhibits instead.

I basically took pictures of everything I want for myself.

First stop: Nouveau-era belt buckles. Apparently these were big back then - they had hundreds. These were my favorites. (I took pictures of all of the placards, too, so if you want specific info about something, comment and I'll post it.)

Detail of the foot of the bed.

Such a pretty writing desk.

Tiara. Want.

Sarah Bernhardt's Self-Portrait as a Sphinx. It's also an inkwell. She was a freaking sculptor, too.

Tiffany Glass punch bowl. It was shown at the World's Fair in 1900.

I don't sneak pictures of lonely old men in public places, or anything. I was really taking a picture of that awesome stained glass window in the background.

Detail of the stained glass.

Squash lamp!

A different lonely old man in a public place.

Venus and Love carved into an elephant tusk.

Art Deco bracelet.


A huge statue of a swan in a fight with a serpent.

It doesn't translate in pictures, but these eggs were incredible.

The one on the right is a fake - they had a whole display case like this, with fakes next to real ones.

If you ever happen to be in Richmond, it's definitely worth seeing in person. They have the largest exhibit of Imperial Eggs outside of Russia.


  1. I love the eggs! I'm pretty sure that means I have gaudy taste. I wonder why they're eggs and not just spheres. I should probably read up on these things before I start putting them on my Christmas list.

  2. They were originally given as Easter presents, I think.

  3. Ohmygahhhd peacock feather belt buckle. Want.


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