ice and fire

I took these pictures in February, when we had several hard freezes in a row here in sunny Tucson, Arizona. Back then there were several pictures of frozen fountains floating around my facebook feed, but few were as frosty as this.

I assume that this sort of thing doesn't happen often in places that regularly get freezes, since they're usually smart enough to do things like drain waterpipes to keep them from exploding.

The pipes in this fountain were fine, but people all over the city had burst pipes and many had to go without water for several days.

In contrast, we have some of the pictures I took at our fourth of July party. We had a great time, but the only time I pulled out my camera was to try to capture the sparklers (disappointing shots, at least with this camera) and then, later, and slightly tipsy, of the candle and the bonfire.

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