impluse buying: a confession

So . . . I'm pretty bad about impulse buying.

Some things I wait and think about. The last tango shoes I bought I contemplated for weeks before buying. (Wore them for the first time last weekend, and they were perfect. So happy.)

Others, especially if I know there's a limited time frame for them, and even more especially if the price is a really good deal, I will buy at the drop of the hat. And I've learned, after a few times where I resisted temptation, that I regret when I don't buy something I know I'll love.

Loyal readers might remember this print I posted ages back.

It's gone up on 20x200, a website devoted to cheap art. The 20$ 8x10 was already sold out, but there're still some of the 14x11 . . . and I got one.

Colin thinks I'm crazy. $50 plus $12.50 shipping is absurd . . . but then, I love that image. Love it. And the chances it'll ever go up for sale again, at that price . . . who knows.

I feel like art is a justifiable splurge. Even when I've already been splurging. >_>

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