things I like this week, vol. 11

In honor (and in irony) of the forecast being 110 today.

* * *
The world remains beautiful and terrible at the same time, and either way, I know it doesn’t care what I think or feel about it. There are things to do to help others, and there are things that may never change. But if I learned anything from all of this, it’s my first, oldest lesson as a reader: There is always going to be a book that saves you.
From "I, Reader," by Alexander Chee

* * *

I heart Michelangelo.

Especially since, not only was he good, he managed to insult people while doing it.

* * *

So pretty. Although, next time I buy shoes, I need to get something outside of the black/beige/gold/silver neutral family. It's just silly, otherwise.

* * *

All different patterns, made out of gourds.

* * *

Pretty houses in Buenos Aires, with gorgeous wood floors. Stolen from the facebook albums of friends luckier than I.

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