thought processes

Sometimes, it's so clear what my students were thinking when they write something.

One of my students, in answer to a quiz question, did the following:
5. Medea escapes on a charriott cherrote c cart pulled by dragons.

Although html coding makes it impossible, on the paper you can see her increasing levels of frustration as she uses one line to cross out the first misspelling, two for the second, and several lines for the final "c". It's especially funny as she could have used the "c" for the "cart" she finally chose instead of chariot.

It's such a microcosm of of how we function in all areas of our lives, and it made me chuckle.


  1. It's also indicitive of the fact that spelling seems to have lost a certain place I'm academics today. I find it sad when I can say a word, know it's meaning and not be able to spell it. I wish I would have had more incentive to spell properly in my younger years.

  2. You mean like saying "I'm" when you mean "in," or . . .


  3. I was always really conscious that the teacher would be able to read through my scribblings, so I always made sure to really cross them out so they would never know my stupid mistakes... I'm a thinker!

  4. Too funny - love it! It's somehow even more humorous typed. Although I do have a certain sympathy for the poor student who was probably rushed and getting desperate as time on the exam was ticking away


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