One of my favorite independent home decor stores in Tucson is Presence, at the southeast corner of Oracle and Magee. I spend a decent amount of time wandering around stores with items for the home, but Presence manages to be unique and tasteful without being overly pricey. I am also quite fond of the pun (intentional?) of the name, since I've started going there on a regular basis when I am in search of gifts.

I wandered in the other day (as I often do), and discovered that they were in the midst of unpacking their Christmas shipment. Normally I am annoyed at the early onslaught of Christmas spirit, but the beauty of their merchandise won me over without too much trouble. Also quite winning was that the owner (I believe) let me pick through the boxes to examine ornaments that might be in the colors of my decorations.

I went back today to purchase items for my Christmas shopping list and take some pictures to share, since their displays are now up.

They also carry candles, small purses, pretty pill boxes, and things of that sort. I didn't really take pictures of those because I was so in love with the Christmas stuff, but these candles are a cute example. If I knew anyone who was getting married in the near future, they would definitely be receiving these.

(click the pictures to see details)

The only problem with this store is that they have stuff stashed in every little corner; if you're not careful, you'll overlook something fantastic. I bought those two silvery ornaments in the middle, but I almost missed them.

If you like what you see (and I can't imagine that you don't), I strongly recommend going to visit them soon, before all the best stuff is gone. The merchandise seems to go pretty quickly.

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  1. Oh, is that what that store is? I'm going to have to go there...


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