sunday, in pictures

At about noon. By then half the snow had melted from what I saw when I woke up at 7:30.

Tomatoes. Two knives because the first wasn't properly sharpened.

Poached eggs Proven├žal, thick-cut bacon, hash browns, bloody mary.

Tak thinks she's a person, so she always joins us while we're eating.

2 pm. Snowing again.

Oh, the palm trees.

My grading set up. You'll notice Tak in the bottom left chair, keeping me company.


  1. I love your gorgeous, glamorous life in pictures. :) Poetry, it is.

  2. I'm really dying to touch that cat. More pikchurs, plz.

  3. I wish I could like on blog, I love Taylor's comment... it is a gorgeous life :)

  4. I love you for the sharp on your knife, the fancy c on your provencal, and the light in your house.... I have not this light.


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