memorial, pt 2: the safeway

I ended up going by the Safeway where the shooting took place for the first time 9 days ago. It's funny: I saw pictures of the one at UMC all the time, but nothing of the Safeway. I was a little anxious--afraid I was going to see bloodstains on the pavement, or something--but it looked just like it always did, except for the memorial.

They put these metal gates up on the street side, so that people could look at it with less risk of getting swiped by a car, but these ladies seemed to think it was a barrier.

There were two of these, draped in streamers with what looked like prayers written on them.

A bumper sticker; no idea if it was printed before or after the shooting.

Lennon's "Imagine" lyrics printed on a slab of rock. Took this picture just for Kate.

Some of those metal gates had been incorporated into the memorial. Not sure what purpose they originally served. This one had been wrapped in ribbon.

Water. As an offering? A humane gesture for those who came to visit?

Balloons, everywhere. Almost merry, especially blowing in the breeze.

There was a note that said that the employees of Safeway would routinely come out to collect items to keep safe for the family members. There was a table with a petition for more reasonable, rational political discourse. Someone had made a binder full of people's reminiscences of one of the victims. I saw several letters and cards, many from people who appeared to have personally known those who died.

There's another small collection of candles and things on the corner of the intersection, with a large "God Bless Tucson" sign presiding over it. It's been there since long before the tape was removed.

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