I hate Valentine's Day. Colin does too.

. . . but apparently I'm making a Valentine's Day post anyway.

Was going back through an old blog of mine to find an entry I made about a Damien Rice concert I went to. Found lots of other amusing things instead, including this:

Oct 17, 2007 - 10:12 PM jonas

I am starting, slowly, to fall for a friend of mine (or just slowly noticing that I'm falling?) who is entirely wrong for me.

Here are the things that are entirely wrong about falling for him:
  • He doesn't generally like children, and doesn't really want any of his own.
  • He doesn't ever plan on marriage.
  • He lives two hours away at the moment, and soon will probably be living 5 hours away.
  • He doesn't eat fish. (Sushi is pretty much my favorite food.)

Here are the things that are making me fall for him anyway:
  • His mind works, creatively, on a level that I connect to. And am in awe of.
  • His intelligence is considerable.
  • He understands and sees more of me than almost anyone else.
  • The sexual tension between us is almost literally palpable.

There's nothing to be done about it, though. Most likely it will resolve itself into a regrettable nothing-to-speak-of.

Currently Playing: sounds like jonah, of the whale

All still true (except living five hours away, obvi), and yet here we are, very much together nearly three and a half years later.

Wrong never felt so right*.

*and other applicable Valentine's clich├ęs


  1. Congratulations on finding a man you can tolerate for 3+ years, ha ha!

    You make it all sound so romantic. Isn't it funny how love happens when you least expect it?

  2. I think it really sweet... and its funny because anyone who has spent time in your presence can tell how right you are for each other :)

    - Tracy

  3. Reason 1, 2, and 4 make him totally perfect for me. Meanwhile, my boyfriend freakin' loves fish.

    Do I smell a swap?


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