Writing is recursive.

The good thing about having a blog, I suppose, is that you can start over whenever you wish. I've decided to delete my old posts--too haphazard, too intimate--and revise.

I was going through wordpress's advice for starting a blog (I was debating host sites), and one of the main things they promoted was having a focus.

Fuck that. I'm not focused. I'll write what I please. My blog title encompasses everything I could possibly post on, and is fun to say besides.

Hope you're along for the ride.


  1. I enjoy posts in blogs a lot more when they're varied, not when they're focused. So yea, fuck it.

  2. Thank you.
    I know this is completely random and out of the blue
    but having just read this and realizing the impact it's had on me,
    as I am currently going through a reinvention/rebuilding of my own life at the moment,
    I wanted to at least voice my gratitude in the only way I can, the acknowledgement
    that your words have impacted me in a direct and immediate manner.

    So again, Thank you.


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