magically delicious

I've been lining things up in rainbow order and taking pictures of them lately.
Flavored vodkas from Absolut. From left: Vanila, Berri Açai, Pears, Citron, Mandarin, Peach, Ruby Red, Raspberri.

Not even my entire stock of nailpolish--just the ones I'd consider wearing in the fall. Not like I have a lot, or anything.


  1. I love doing that. my clothes in my closet are arranged in rainbow order (it sounds OCD, but really it's functional... if I'm looking for a red shirt I know where to go!) and my heels are too. I just need orange, green, and purple to finish the rainbow. :D

  2. My clothes are in rainbow order and by type, and my heels are (though my flats are not, at the moment). I did it once as an experiment and it made everything soooooooo much easier I've kept it that way ever since.


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