the thankfulness post

I hate what feel like cliched, false thank yous. I have gone so far as to "hide all posts from user" for people who are doing that awful "30 days of thankfulness" bit on facebook.

That said, I am thankful, and moreso for the less-than-obvious things. So you're getting a list in a blog post.

I am thankful for:

  • Pillsbury's Roan Red. It is my favorite, favorite wine. 
  • Joley being a creative child, even though I spend not nearly enough time with her, and lord knows I need more patience, but she gave an impromptu concert on her guitar at school today, and she wore flowered leggings under a tutu, and she just wrote a story in which she accidentally hitched a ride on a bald eagle when she was trying to hug the ceiling of her house. 
  • people listening when I talk about my program. I don't know how or why, but they listen, and I am grateful. 
  • Colin's good taste in music. Not my taste, exactly, which I am also thankful for, but good taste.
  • the thank you I got from a student today.
  • unexpected houseguests.
  • turtleneck sweaters, especially in green.  

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