ode to babyhood

So many of my friends are either pregnant or toting around squirmy, adorable bundles that I got nostalgic and went back through videos of J when she was tiny.

Below is the never-before-published footage of my one year old kid babbling away, and my absurd mommy-voice responses. You know, you say you'll talk to your kid in a grown-up voice, but the mimic reflex kicks in . . .

Anyway. I suppose one can get away with one chubby-cheeked, round-eyed, look-how-cute-my-kid-is post occasionally, right?

My favorite part is that she is somehow still just like herself in this video, even though now she uses multi-syllabic words and chooses her own clothes.


  1. The babies I sort-of work with are cuter.


  2. I was going to write you off as an asshole, Anonymous, but then I clicked the link and am almost persuaded to your point of view.


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