The "If You Had A Million Dollars" Christmas Wish List

Because a bit of fantasy window-shopping never hurt anyone, right?

Alexander McQueen Skull Clutch and Aubergine Pump - would finish off my New Year's ensemble perfectly (nevermind that I don't need a clutch when the party's at my own house)

La Perla bodysuit - It's the buttons down the back that really do it, I think.

Mini PS1 - This bag, the big version, is one of those "iconic" ones (which is a turn-off). But this one is tiny and the leather is perfect and the design is unpretenious.

Nikon D90 - I'd be fine with the D60, too. But I want a real camera. ;_;

Diptyque Jasmin - One can never go wrong with absurdly expensive candles.

Elsa Peretti for Tiffany's starfish - because you can afford to drop 2k on a pendant the size of your fingernail.

New tango shoes - one really can't get by with only a single pair. And while we're at it, some lessons would be fantastic too--preferably located in Buenos Aires.


  1. I love looking at what people would do with a million dollars if they had it. I love it even more in photos. I think I may steal your idea. Fantasy money sounds fun.

  2. Ahh - I meant more if someone with a million dollars was buying me presents, because if it were my OWN million, I'd be spending it on more practical things. Like dry cleaning and a college fund.


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